Starting out is never easy for anyone.  There are a few things that can help you get started.  Depending on your style.  You can forage for herbs or gems.  When you go into an area put in "survey" and see what is available there to forage.  Then just forage said item and there you go.  You don't have to put the item away immediately either.  You can continue to forage until you have a full bundle which is 50 units.  This is the easiest and safest way to get experience and to make some money starting out.  But right now i bet you are say well that is boring i want to kill something.  I have a blood lust that needs satisfying.  Alright then we can take care of that for ya too.  Just head down to the abandoned park.  The critters there are docile so they wont attack unless you attack first.  Then you have no worries about getting overwhelmed.  I imagine there are still people out there going well neither of those are for me.  Isnt there something else i could do to make money.  Well don't you have some nerve.  But there is another way.  You can process components for potions.  People tend to even pay for your services.  Alright you have the learning figured out.  Now what.  Well if you hunt your going to need weapons.  Techs are best with pulse weapons but you can break the mold so to speak and go with another weapon.  Techs tend to stick with 2 hand guns.  You fire two shots instead of just one.  When hunting the best thing to do is to use this command "AIM (creature) (body part)" then when it says you have the shot "FIRE".  Do that over and over again until the critter drops.  Then if you picked up a skinning knife you can skin the critter.  If you skin the critters after about 20 skins you can then use them to make a backpack or something.  Talk with the local artisan they will know what is best to use it for.  Alright but now you say "hey what about armor".  To be honest no one uses armor.  There is no point you wont be able to move and just get hurt.  So leave the armor in the store.  If you must have armor go with light armor.  It is a skill that is triple trainable.  When you have skill points you have to hunt down the trainers to train it up.  You can use a map that can be found on other players websites.  They will list where the trainers can be found.  If you cant find them someone should be able to help you.  Once you get a few levels you can start to do repairs on peoples communication chips.  This short guide should give you a quick overview and how to get started.