My mission is to provide the most up to date info on what is happening with the Technician profession in Haelrahv.  If there are any questions please feel free to ask i will get an answer back to you and add to the page so that everyone can learn.  This is to help take the confusion out of what to do cause nothing can ruin a game faster then being confused on what to do for something.  I hope this will be informative to everyone.  If there is anything someone wants added to the page let me know and i will do my best to accomidate them.  Also if you feel like dropping me a line and letting me know anything please do.  All is fair with me.  If it is a hey looks good to a hey where the hell did you get that info are you a moron. 


12-07-07:  Sorry about the lack of updates recently been working alot and having a hard time managing both.  Should have some updates coming quick besides just a change of look.  I like the way this looks better.  This weekend i should be able to put alot of updates out.

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If there are any thing else feel free to contact me i can be reached at archangel0asb on AIM.  In game i am known as Armic Josen.  If i happen to not be around you can contact Lao who is another Tech.  The AIM screen name for Lao is stinkeegirl13.

Credit where Credit is Due.

Just so i don't miss anything i would like to mention a thanks to people who have helped with this website.  If i miss anyone just let me know and i will fix it.

Lao Vah.